Thursday 08 June 2006

Mad Dog

Last Saturday Corwin and I took Polly to puppy class again. We worked on loose leash walking, come, and stay. Polly did pretty well considering.

After about 45 minutes, the instructor declared free puppy play time. Immediately Polly started playing with her buddy Zoey again. Their puppy play involved jumping up, embracing like sumo wrestlers, and then rolling around chewing on each other. All was well for a few minutes, and then one of the owners noticed that Zoey’s coat was getting kind of bloody. Zoey didn’t seem to mind a call, but visions of bleeding doggy got the human’s concerned.

After much effort, we pulled the puppies appart, and the instructor checked Polly’s mouth. Fortunately she was not a mad dog. She had just lost a tooth (no where to be found, probably swallowed).

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