Tuesday 13 June 2006

Little tales of Alice

Alice is a strong baby, as you all know. She demonstrated it again this morning in yet more feets of daring do. She and Charles were up in Corwin’s bed playing around. I made Charles leave to do his morning stuff and Alice decided it wasn’t fun all by herself. I tried to help her down the ladder but she refused me and came down the ladder all by herself. Another ability that goes straight to a parent’s heart.

Alice was full of surprises this morning. Her bed has a slide but while she sometimes plays on it, she’s refused to use it to exit her bed in the morning. Until this morning, that is, when I discovered her wandering about downstairs when I thought she was safely ensconsed in her bed (in which she slept all night, for once). She admitted that she had used the slide, although she could probably use the ladder now as well.

Alice is also a tough little girl. Her active life style lends itself to minor injuries. Some times she’ll cry, but frequently she will just try to find an adult to whom she will announce “I hurt my head / foot / finger / leg / …”. Once the the damage report is acknowledged by the commanding parent, Alice will put it behind her and get on with her life. Hopefully, someday she will decide that avoiding injury is preferable to reporting it, but I am not holding my breath on that.

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