Friday 23 June 2006

Lazy days of summer

Baseball season is almost over. Corwin had his last regular season game last night (it did not go well, for the team or for Corwin). There is some sort of tournament next week, but I suspect that it won’t last long from our point of view.

Corwin has also been spending half days this week at soccer camp with Jack, Maggie, Mara, and Anwen. Today is the last day.

With the end of soccer camp and baseball, Corwin will have no other scheduled activites for the rest of the summer. I know that Erica has desperately missed having to watch Corwin all day, I am sure she has been saving up all sorts of fun activities for him. Maybe they’ll have a Sudoku face off, you can’t get much more exciting and fun than that.

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Corwin actually has string camp for a week in July. So this is just a brief respite from organized activities.

Posted by: Mom on 23 June 2006 at 09:52

Yeah, great, ruin the title that I spent hours pondering! I type and I post and what thanks do I get …

Posted by: Dad on 23 June 2006 at 15:54
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