Monday 26 June 2006

Just the numbers, ma’am

A road near our house has a 30 MPH speed limit, but few people go that slow on it. In an attempt to create some semblance of velocity restraint, the city police set up one of those speed indicator signs that flashes the current car speed at you as you drive by. Charles, of course, thought that was very interesting and was full of questions about what it meant. Because we pass it frequently, it has lead to a bit of an obsession by Charles about what speed we are going (although I don’t know if Charles is ready for the numbers needed to describe the way Mom drives).

It reminds me of Corwin’s number obsession. Unlike Corwin, however, Charles likes his numbers more abstract. He gets upset if you tag the speed number with “miles per hour” and will keep asking until he gets a pure, unsullied by physical reality, number. I guess it keeps down the mental clutter.

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