Monday 19 June 2006

It's the thought that counts

Like any avid modern day consumer, Charles enjoys looking at catalogs. One catalog he has been enjoying lately is a Lego™ catalog. In particular, it has this airplane kit, a fine example of the intersection of Charles’ obsession with Legos and infrastructure.

Charles requested the acquisition of this kit months ago, but we told him that

  • He needed to wait for a birthday or Christmas
  • He wasn’t old enough to be able to put the kit together

Charles read this as meaning that he would get it for his sixth birthday, when he would be both older and have a birthday. He has been quite good about not asking for it since then, but he continues to admire the picture and discuss how wonderful it will be when he is six because then he will get the airplane. Erica claims that last week, Charles “spent an hour telling me about the airplane”. At this rate, Charles will spend more time discussing the airplane before he gets it than playing with it afterwards.

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