Friday 30 June 2006

Muddy and bloody

No one knows how Alice scraped her chin like that
We all thought it was marker or crayon at first
We know where she got the dirt, though

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Leggo my Lego!

Corwin’s Lego™ MindStorm kit arrived yesterday. I told him it was for Erica and if he was nice enough to her, she might let him play with it. I don’t think Corwin believed me even though Erica sounded more enthusiastic about the arrival than Corwin did.

Mom played with last night as well, but (because it’s For The Children™) she let Corwin start on a project this morning. I think Corwin is going to use the visual program editor that comes with the kit, but Mom is already talking about getting access to the lower level programming layer so she can use every last feature of the device. Hopefully Corwin will get some work time on it to fill up his now copious free time.

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Thursday 29 June 2006

As usual, Alice heads for the deep water

Convincing Alice to stay in the part of the pond where she won’t drown is a continuing challenge

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The future is but an echo of the past

Ancient hunters, when they killed their prey, used almost every part of the animal for something. Mainly this was because they were so poor even random chunks of bone from a dead animal looked good. But still, the point remains that Charles has been harking back to this era lately.

As everyone knows, Charles has been enjoying his Cup of Legos™. I thought we had gotten our money’s worth out of it, but lately Charles has also been playing with the cup itself as a primary toy. Last night he was using it as a lightning bug catcher, chasing down the bugs and scooping them up with the cup. Charles also demonstrated for us the fact that lightning bugs seem to flash more when they are bouncing around inside an empty Lego holding cup.

All in all, though, it does look like Charles has a good shot at making it as a professional hunter-gather. I wonder if there are any scholarships available in that area.

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Wednesday 28 June 2006

Score box

Yesterday was Corwin’s last baseball game of the season. They ran hot and cold, making some terrible errors and good plays. The biggest problem was batting, with a couple of three up three down innings. They were also short a player, missing the coach1, and I had to be the first base coach (now that’s desperate). Corwin only had one on base from three at bats. One was my fault — Corwin hit a grounder to the first baseman, who grabbed it and touched the base with his glove. I thought this made Corwin out and didn’t make him go through the motions. But the umpire said the first baseman didn’t have control of the ball so if Corwin had touched he would have been safe. Ah well.

Corwin did make a great catch out in center, which you can see here. He only had one other hit to him, which he stopped and got infield to hold the runner at first.

1 The coach was at the originally scheduled game, but it was rained out and he couldn’t make the rescheduled day.

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Tuesday 27 June 2006

Boy and the bubble

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Moving on

The sad news today is that Andreas and his family are moving away to Michigan. They plan to leave either tonight or tomorrow night. The movers are busy packing up everything. Corwin and I popped over to steal all their firewood, as it’s not cost effective to move that. The house has already sold, but as far as we know the buyers don’t have young children.

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Monday 26 June 2006

Take pond, insert boys

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Just the numbers, ma’am

A road near our house has a 30 MPH speed limit, but few people go that slow on it. In an attempt to create some semblance of velocity restraint, the city police set up one of those speed indicator signs that flashes the current car speed at you as you drive by. Charles, of course, thought that was very interesting and was full of questions about what it meant. Because we pass it frequently, it has lead to a bit of an obsession by Charles about what speed we are going (although I don’t know if Charles is ready for the numbers needed to describe the way Mom drives).

It reminds me of Corwin’s number obsession. Unlike Corwin, however, Charles likes his numbers more abstract. He gets upset if you tag the speed number with “miles per hour” and will keep asking until he gets a pure, unsullied by physical reality, number. I guess it keeps down the mental clutter.

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Anything to keep the readership up

Mimi’s computer failed permanently earlier this year. Eventually it came down to me to get that situation resolved because I am the one who lives far enough away to have a proper perspective, and also because I can’t afford to have any readers of this weblog offline. I could have tried to have it fixed, but it was cranky before it failed and was at least 4 or 5 years old, so I just ordered a new one. As it turns out, Uncle Evil snagged the new computer and gave Mimi his old one (which is still better than her previous one). Haha, he ended almost sorry about it because of the hassle of cleaning off the crudware a new computer comes with these days. I haven’t heard from Mimi about how she likes the computer. I thought it would be worth at least one phone call (*sniff*).

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Sunday 25 June 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend

Picture by Mom

We had a moderately busy weekend. Friday evening we had some friends from out of town visit. On Saturday Corwin and Mom had fun at puppy training training, then we went to the pond, and then Corwin had a violin recital in the evening. Grandma came in to town for that. I also met someone there who was a graduate student with me 15 years ago. It’s that kind of town.

This morning we had church and then went out for pancakes. Alice and Charles were grumpy buns, Charles at one point breaking in to tears because I put syrup on his waffle. Alice was just grumpy about everything. Now we’re just hanging out, recuperating.

The other big event of the weekend was that Mom set Corwin on his path to doing yardwork. She sent him out to cut the grass with the lawnmower for the first time. He managed to do one section of the yard without chopping off any toes, which seems like a good start.

I am also teaching Corwin how to play HomeWorld, which is a strategy game. Playing requires not only strategic and tactical planning, but the ability to keep track of multiple activities simultaneously. The set of rules is also reasonably large, so it will be a bit more cerebral than the games he has been playing. It’s a sacrifice to spend the time to help him with the game, but hey — it’s For The Children™.

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Saturday 24 June 2006

Charles likes pizza

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Already honing his technique

In an example of the spontaneous order that characterizes the lives of adults, on the first day of soccer camp last week the parents fo the gang met and divided up the rest of the week so that each parent would convey the gang one day and have the others days off.

On my day, I gathered up the kids and headed off. On the way, I impressed the other kids with the cool techno-gadgetry of the van. There was only one altercation en route, which let me show off the first aid kit as well (I was just trying to get the others to think Corwin had a cool dad, so that he would be more popular — just one of my many sacrifices For The Children™).

I also decided to check and see if Corwin were fully prepared. Among other things, I asked if he had sunscreen on, since they would be outside on a cloudless day for 3-4 hours starting at solar noon. Corwin denied it and he had to borrow some from Anwen. It turned out, however, that Erica had of course slathered him up before departure (lesson: never doubt Erica). Erica and I then teased Corwin that he had deliberately “forgotten” so that he could borrow Anwen’s sunscreen, as he ended up having to borrow it three times, as he “forgot” to apply it somewhere the first two times he borrowed it.

In the interests of fairness (although I don’t normally worry about that), I will say that Corwin denies everything, that he sincerely forgot and had to borrow the sunscreen. That’s excellent, because once you can fake sincerity, you’re all set.

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Friday 23 June 2006

An essential stop on every tour

Friends from college, Jim and Dafna, dropped by for a visit this evening, taking time out of their frantic “there’s so much to see!” tour of the lovely MidWest. Their daughter Noa (almost 2) was with them. The last time Noa visited she wasn’t walking. This time she got to tool around the basement, throw balls, and visit the pond. We hoped for some Alice / Noa interaction, but there wasn’t much of that, even though they are both Dora fans. A good time was had by all.

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Traffic problems

A non-fatal collision on the slideway

P.S. Poly can jump up in to the Playscape. No struggling, she can just hop right in. However, she only did it a few times because the last time she did it, she pushed on through to the top and went down the slide. She landed on her chest and face and slid about 5 feet along the grass in that position. I have not seen her on the Playscape since.

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Lazy days of summer

Baseball season is almost over. Corwin had his last regular season game last night (it did not go well, for the team or for Corwin). There is some sort of tournament next week, but I suspect that it won’t last long from our point of view.

Corwin has also been spending half days this week at soccer camp with Jack, Maggie, Mara, and Anwen. Today is the last day.

With the end of soccer camp and baseball, Corwin will have no other scheduled activites for the rest of the summer. I know that Erica has desperately missed having to watch Corwin all day, I am sure she has been saving up all sorts of fun activities for him. Maybe they’ll have a Sudoku face off, you can’t get much more exciting and fun than that.

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Thursday 22 June 2006

Gratuitous Picture of the Day

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Career path

Yesterday, when I went to the basement to release Erica from durance vile, I noticed that a new set of train tracks had been set up. I inquired as to who had constructed them, hoping that Charles was finally willing to build his own tracks. Sadly, it turned out that Erica had done almost all of the construction. However, and this is the encouraging part, Charles spent a lot of time telling Erica how to build the tracks. He provided helpful hints like “more curve there!” and “don’t do it that way!”. There, my friends, is a boy who is mastering the deep skills of management. Maybe he won’t be still living here when he’s thirty.

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If it's good enough for the brothers…

Someone asked a while ago why pictures of Alice at the pond almost always picture her topless. That is because Alice thinks it wrong to get a top wet / messy by swimming in it. As a case in point, a few days ago Mom took the munchkins to the pond. For once, there was some pre-planning, Mom foresightedly putting a swim diaper and a swim top on Alice. When they arrived at the pond, Alice took one look at the water, then carefully removed her swim top before heading off to play. After all, that’s how her brothers swim, right?

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Wednesday 21 June 2006

It's summer, the Alice flowers are blooming

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Not with a run but with a whimper

I have to report on the failure of Corwin’s roller coaster project. It was about 90% complete for several months before Mom handed down an ultimatum of “complete or abandon”. The issue was that it was taking up space and was getting Aliced and Poly-merized faster than Corwin could repair it. We even invited Keith over to help out, but in the end Corwin decided laziness was the better part of project management. Just to be mean, we made him sort the pieces so they could be put away in something approaching order.

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Tuesday 20 June 2006

With just a little gravitic help

We had some rain over the weekend and the street flooded. The neighbors have complained to us about that, but honestly I like it because the kids have fun with it. Or they did, the boyen being noticed by their absence this time around. But no matter, Alice had fun with the water. Among other things, she found flat, round stone which I skipped for her. Alice like that but was a bit mystified when the stone did not end up near the first splash. Dismissing this anomaly as unworthy of delaying her fun, she began flinging the stone around, jumping and clapping with joy every time it made a splash. She would call out “I do it too!” to make sure Dad knew that Alice could throw the stone accurately enough to hit the water.

As you can see, Alice had quite a narrow target for hitting the water with the stone

But her phenomenal accuracy gets her the splash

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Checking up on the staff

I received a flag catalog in the mail yesterday. Mom decided that I had enough stuff from them already, so the catalog turned out to be for Charles instead. He quite liked it and started telling Mom and I all of the flags that he wanted, which would generally be of the form “all of these [on this page] except that one”. His favorites, though, were two commercially oriented flags labeled “FINANCING” and ” QUALITY USED CARS”. Charles can’t read but he can pick out Charles’ themed flags.

As usual, my sarcasm generated some blowback for me. At one point while Charles was explaining his flag choices to Mom, Corwin asked “is Charles going to get some flags?” and I responded “I will be heading back to order the on the Internet as soon as I finish dinner”. Charles took this straight up and as soon as I was back in front of the computer, he came in and asked “are you ordering my flags now?”.

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Monday 19 June 2006

Rope trick

Corwin practices making ropes stand up at Cub Scout Day Camp

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It's the thought that counts

Like any avid modern day consumer, Charles enjoys looking at catalogs. One catalog he has been enjoying lately is a Lego™ catalog. In particular, it has this airplane kit, a fine example of the intersection of Charles’ obsession with Legos and infrastructure.

Charles requested the acquisition of this kit months ago, but we told him that

  • He needed to wait for a birthday or Christmas
  • He wasn’t old enough to be able to put the kit together

Charles read this as meaning that he would get it for his sixth birthday, when he would be both older and have a birthday. He has been quite good about not asking for it since then, but he continues to admire the picture and discuss how wonderful it will be when he is six because then he will get the airplane. Erica claims that last week, Charles “spent an hour telling me about the airplane”. At this rate, Charles will spend more time discussing the airplane before he gets it than playing with it afterwards.

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Sunday 18 June 2006

Home game

Corwin action at home plate

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Nothing is completely useless

Charles likes office related things and he used to be disappointed when Mom would get the mail and there would be none for him. He started expecting things around his last birthday, when he did get some birthday and Christmas cards. Now, however, that flood of fan mail has dried up. Now, when Mom brings in the mail and Charles asks in his plaintive, desparately eager voice tinged with the bitter foreknowledge of rejection, “is there anything for meeee?”, Mom selects a few pieces of junk mail and tells Charles “these are for you”. Charles then clutches these to his chest with the heartfelt satisfaction of a movie junkie holding tickets to the Academy Awards. It’s a sacrifice, to give up that junk mail, but it’s worth it to see the “saved from a life of futility” look on Charles’ face.

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Saturday 17 June 2006

You just can’t get enough of Charles’ obsessive activities

He can’t get his shirt on the right way, but there’s not a vehicle out of place

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It’s a matter of perspective

Many women consider shoes to be an accessory that enhances their outfit. Alice, on the other hand, considers her outfit to be an accessory to highlight her shoes. It is not infrequent that getting her dressed involves her first deciding what shoes she wants to wear and then working backwards from that to get the rest of her clothes on. It’s important to justify everything else in terms of wearing shoes — “No, Alice, you need to have pants on before we put on your shoes…”.

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Friday 16 June 2006

All American Girl

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Thursday 15 June 2006

Constructive play

It’s been a while since we had a Charles construction retrospective.

The infamous van, repaired and augmented by Charles with parts from his Cup o’ Legos.


The long car. It eventually became significantly more elaborate than this, before it was destroyed, but I like the cleaner lines of this version. Beyond that, when I originally tried to take a picture, Charles wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t finished. Somewhat later he came in to tell me that it was ready to be recorded for posterity. Out of respect for Charles as an artist, I present it as he wished it to be seen.


A police van, complete with a driver, captured bad guys, a second story, and a satellite dish. There were apparently some bad children and a bad dog as well.

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Wednesday 14 June 2006

Bored bored bored …

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For once, the grass isn't greener

Corwin is doing Cub Scout day camp this week. This is an all day affair, starting at 7:45 and going until 4:30 In order for a scout to attend, a parent must agree to spend at least one day as the chaperone for a gang of eight boys. Today was my day (although I managed to have nine boys — on the other hand, one of the boys’ mom was along, which was some help).

I don’t want to say too harsh things about the boys, because I have in fact seen much worse, but it did make me appreciate Corwin, who was the most cooperative and obedient of the boys. I would probably do it again, because if I had known ahead of time how things would be, there are a number of amerloriatives I could have prepared.

In the end, though, Corwin seems to be enjoying the experience so I’ll just smile ruefully and move on.

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Tuesday 13 June 2006

Little tales of Alice

Alice is a strong baby, as you all know. She demonstrated it again this morning in yet more feets of daring do. She and Charles were up in Corwin’s bed playing around. I made Charles leave to do his morning stuff and Alice decided it wasn’t fun all by herself. I tried to help her down the ladder but she refused me and came down the ladder all by herself. Another ability that goes straight to a parent’s heart.

Alice was full of surprises this morning. Her bed has a slide but while she sometimes plays on it, she’s refused to use it to exit her bed in the morning. Until this morning, that is, when I discovered her wandering about downstairs when I thought she was safely ensconsed in her bed (in which she slept all night, for once). She admitted that she had used the slide, although she could probably use the ladder now as well.

Alice is also a tough little girl. Her active life style lends itself to minor injuries. Some times she’ll cry, but frequently she will just try to find an adult to whom she will announce “I hurt my head / foot / finger / leg / …”. Once the the damage report is acknowledged by the commanding parent, Alice will put it behind her and get on with her life. Hopefully, someday she will decide that avoiding injury is preferable to reporting it, but I am not holding my breath on that.

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Master and Apprentice

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Monday 12 June 2006

Always Alert Alice

Alice was the first to hear the approach of the Evil Grass Chopping Mommy

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Mulling blue

Charles is starting to become slightly more aware of the world around him. He noticed the mulberry tree at the end of the dead end street yesterday and made me pick off some mulberries for him (not remembering his previous outing with Erica).

Charles found the mulberries very tasty, although he insisted on calling them “blueberries”. Alice tried a few because Charles was eating them. She found the mulberries OK but didn’t seem interested except as a reflection of Charles’ fondness. I did manage to persuade both of them to get fresh berries from the tree instead of trying to eat the ones that had fallen on the ground (Poly spent some time trying to clean those up). Later on the neighbors came by and put out a big sheet of plastic before shaking the tree to collect the ripe berries, but the press of events meant that I had to drag the boyen away without participating.

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Sunday 11 June 2006

Tea for Two

Alice and Charles enjoy a spot of tea in the evening

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Cooking with wood

We all went over to Mara’s house for a cookout the other night. Early in the evening, I had to push Alice and Charles on swings in front. They were just narrow boards with ropes making them a bit tricky to stay on. Alice managed it, clutching tightly with her hands. I commented to her “you are a strong baby!” and she started chanting “I am a strong baby” over and over as she swang. Perhaps Mom should cut down on the number of self and garden improvement shows she watches with Alice.

Later there was a badminton game where the kids forced me to keep score and referee. It was Corwin, Jack, and Andreas vs. Mara and some of her crew. Initially the boys jumped out to a big lead, but after some back and forth stalled out on the game point until the Mara team pulled it out. The boys got very stressed out over their lack of crushing victory, and Andreas’ taunts of “in your face!” came back to haunt him at the end. I was tempted to throw the game in the boys’ favor, just to avoid the tearful finale, but I decided to play it straight and let the chips falls as they would in to a life lesson. After all, they may seem permanently scarred but I suspect they have forgotten it already. I certainly learned a lesson and skipped out on all future refereeing for the evening.

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Saturday 10 June 2006

Splash of the Titans

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Another day in Activity-ville

It’s another whirlwind of activity day. Charles has two birthday parties to attend, while Mom and Corwin have puppy training training. I worry about poor Alice, who is not as involved. Hopefully she doesn’t feel stifled because her brothers are such men about town. On the other hand, we’ll probably want to restrict her until Corwin is old enough to drive himself.

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Friday 09 June 2006

Proper Conveyance

The Princess goes for a spin with her loyal footman

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Me too!

Talking with Alice is noticeably different than with the boys, because they started talking about a year later than Ailce and so had a better understanding of language. Alice seems to understand but frequently it’s obvious that she has no idea what one is talking about. This is most commonly demonstrated when she hears a statement about one of the boys and calls out “me too! me too!”, even if it’s “Charles, do you want me to put your Lego™ van on the counter?”.

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Thursday 08 June 2006

Mad Dog

Last Saturday Corwin and I took Polly to puppy class again. We worked on loose leash walking, come, and stay. Polly did pretty well considering.

After about 45 minutes, the instructor declared free puppy play time. Immediately Polly started playing with her buddy Zoey again. Their puppy play involved jumping up, embracing like sumo wrestlers, and then rolling around chewing on each other. All was well for a few minutes, and then one of the owners noticed that Zoey’s coat was getting kind of bloody. Zoey didn’t seem to mind a call, but visions of bleeding doggy got the human’s concerned.

After much effort, we pulled the puppies appart, and the instructor checked Polly’s mouth. Fortunately she was not a mad dog. She had just lost a tooth (no where to be found, probably swallowed).

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Baby Factory Outlet

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My mommy's back and it's time to get cuddly

Mom returned late last night. Corwin and I stayed up just to see here as soon as she got back, willing to play computer games how ever late it got, if that was what it took. Alice and Charles passed out around 10, but Charles woke up when I put him to bed so he got to see Mom before this morning. Alice didn’t, but she’s made up for it with extra cuddling.

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Wednesday 07 June 2006

Gratuitous Picture of the Day

Charles likes ice cream

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Tuesday 06 June 2006

Score box

Corwin did not have a good baseball game tonight. It was so bad, I can’t even bring myself to write out the details. It was worse because it started out so well, a 5-0 first inning (in favor of Corwin’s team) and then went downhill, very much like a Chicago Cubs season. So I can say that they played like a professional baseball team, right?

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Monster drawing

Alice spent some time with me last night drawing, mostly monsters. She drew an Alice Monster, then a Mommy Monster, and finally a Daddy Monster. She also did growls so that I would know what they all sounded like. Alice has been doing quite a bit of portraiture lately, along with her feet drawings.

P.S. I have enhanced the image a bit, to make the lines clearer.

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Gratuitous Picture of the Day

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Dawn Patrol

Poly has gotten better about being in the bathroom overnight if she’s put in after sunset. In exchange she now wakes up at dawn and commences to complain about being locked in.

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Monday 05 June 2006

Just can't kick the habit

Erica has returned to us, like a gambler to a casino. She knows she shouldn’t, but the lure of glittering riches is too much.

Charles first question to me this morning was “Is Erica come here today?” so someone has been paying attention despite appearances. Later, while Erica and I were retrieving the boys from Vacation Bible School, Charles said very mournfully “I never go to EDCL again”. Again, he noticed even if it wasn’t apparent at the time.

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Armed and without a doubt dangerous

Time to boost traffic again with a picture of a cute girl with a gun

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Mom’s off on another exciting whirlwind of travel and adventure. She can only take so much quotidian domesticity before she has to fly off to exotic locations full of fun and excitement. This time she is off to Baltimore to talk to (if you can believe the level of coolness) government computer nerds interested in education. You don’t see that kind of hip and happening type of crowd everyday. Luckily, Poly and Alice were both up by 6:30 this morning so that I could have some extra time to envy Mom, sitting in luxorious airplane seats and sampling the gourmet airline food. But she left me fresh coffee so I won’t be totally consumed with jealousy.

P.S. I just want to note that Alice’s first words this morning were “I miss Mommy”. Since Mom left after Alice was asleep, that means it took all of 5 minutes for Alice to miss her. Alice also mentioned it once or twice more later in the day.

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Sunday 04 June 2006

Alice Home Companion

Alice works on the accident victim look
but gets the color wrong

I had to move Mom’s hand weights to the stairs because Alice discovered them under the TV stand and was swinging them about. On the other hand, Alice easily lifted 10 pounds objects. On the third hand, she was very cavalier about dropping them on the wood floors.

Alice had a bath with Charles a week or so ago. I washed them both and then Alice tortured Charles by trying to wash him with a wash cloth. Charles seemed to like that even less than Alice hitting him with blunt objects.

Charles and Alice are addicted to the on-line Dora games. A couple of weeks ago Mom was in the media room, “sit couch” ing with her laptop to make Alice happy. Alice started demanding “Dora puppy!”. Mom couldn’t figure out what episode that was. Of course, it was this online game, which Alice wanted to play because she saw Mom’s laptop. If only Mom were a little more involved with her children, she would have known that.

And speaking of getting colors wrong, Alice is still confusing “purple” and “yellow”. It’s a very odd pair of colors to mix up.

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Need to watch a few more episodes

Corwin tries some water bending, but he just succeeds in soaking himself

Yesterday was the neighborhood picnic at the pond. It was fun, although we’re just not any good at the “mingle” thing.

This year we were smart enough to bring swimsuits, towels, chairs, and a table, so we had a good time.

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Saturday 03 June 2006

Tower of Party

We survived Marina’s party. I took Charles and Alice, as Mom had to take Corwin to dog training training.

We managed to get there on time despite the kids. It was at a local petting zoo, which the kids liked. They got to touch various animals. Alice was hot for every animal, pushing to the front for contact. Charles was willing to touch the animals (unlike the sharks) but it tended to be perfunctory, just to have done it. Megan, the girl he shared a cubby with at day care, followed Charles around at this, at one point reaching out and stroking Charles’ cheek as if he were one of the animals. I complimented her on her bravery. Her mom mentioned later that Megan had talked about wanting to go over to Charles’ house. Charles, as is his wont, failed to reciprocate any of this affection.

Charles liked the pizza and cake. There was also a small tower, about 20 feet high, with a nice stair way and platforms for the kids. Charles had a lot of fun with that. Alice liked it as well. There was an enclosed slide that she went down several times before she became brave enough to go all the way to the top. Charles let me take a few pictures but then he started screaming in fear every time he saw the camera pointed at him. It didn’t take long before all the other kids were doing it as well. A bit later I had to go up to the top myself because Alice wasn’t in sight and I wanted to verify that she was up there with the rest of them. You’d have thought I was tossing kids out the window from the screaming, which the parents heard all over the park. I beat a hasty retreat to cries of “let’s fight him!”.

Most of the time Charles was OK, although for a while in the middle he was clutching at me and insisting that I do something, although he refused to state what it was I was supposed to do. Fortunately the cake arrived about then and I was released.

There was a piñata but Charles wouldn’t swing at it. On the other hand, he didn’t hesistate to dive in to the scrum once the candy fell out. I held Alice back and managed to extract a piece for her fromCharles’ collection. Charles then tried to snatch a piece from some other girl who had it, because it was of a type he didn’t have. I told he could try trading, but he refused to try. The girl was very nice about it, and tossed him the piece that he tried to grab. I made him give her another piece (of a type she didn’t have) in exchange.

No kids were evacuated while crying and I had to drag both of mine away, which translates as a big success in my book.

UPDATE: Party pictures.

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Gratuitous Picture of the Day

Charles fires the water cannon while his siblings spot for him

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It's a wild, wild, life

As part of the final end of spring rush, Charles was invited to three birthday parties his last week. One is today and there are two others next Saturday. Mom asked Charles which ones he wanted to go to and he said “all of them”. Mom then tried to verify that Charles wanted to go to all of them by asking about the specific children who were the hosts of the parties. For one of them, Charles said he had no idea who the girl was, but he was dead set on attending anyway, as the party would involve pizza and ice cream. What more would you need to know?

At least he’s being a bit more social than normal.

P.S. We finally figured out that Mom was reading the name wrong. We tried an alternate pronouncation and Charles immediately recognized the name.

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Friday 02 June 2006

And then there was one …

Today was Charles’ last day at his day care. He will be home for the summer with Erica and in the fall he will start attending kindergarten at Corwin’s school. I went along to pick him up. He didn’t seem much concerned about the transition. I couldn’t even get him to let me take one last picture with a teacher there. He was far more interested in a photo montage Alice’s teachers gave us to remember her time in their room (Alice will be home over the summer as well, and will go to a different class when she returns). I was a little bit worried about the change in schedule because of how Charles normally deals with change, but perhaps he is getting better at handling it.

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Office Party

It may look like he’s being punished, but in fact he makes me get out the supplies so he can do it
He will generally fill the entire red cup with clippings from the index cards

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School's out for SUMMER!

Corwin is now done with school. We got his report card and he seems to have successfully complete third grade. Yay!

I don’t know what he’s going to do with all of his spare time, since he’s not going to be on swim team. Maybe there are some chores I could find for him …

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Thursday 01 June 2006

Return of the Destructor

Princess Grumpy-Pants has been living up to her name recently. Before we left on our recent trip, Alice was in a particularly uncooperative mood one evening. Mom had to put her in time out twice and finally restrict her to a food and water diet.

Last night Alice was at it again, hunting down Charles’ Legos™. When told to stop, she picked up Charles’ van and flung it across the room, which made a crying Charles even more unhappy. Mom had to stop her yet again this morning from flinging the Legos™ around where Poly could eat them.

P.S. I tried to help Charles put his van back together, but after first telling me that he wanted me to do it, he kept interrupting and “helping” so much that I handed it back to him. He did get it re-assembled, so no permanent damage was done.

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A different orientation

Alice has her own way of swinging (video)

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