Sunday 25 June 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend

Picture by Mom

We had a moderately busy weekend. Friday evening we had some friends from out of town visit. On Saturday Corwin and Mom had fun at puppy training training, then we went to the pond, and then Corwin had a violin recital in the evening. Grandma came in to town for that. I also met someone there who was a graduate student with me 15 years ago. It’s that kind of town.

This morning we had church and then went out for pancakes. Alice and Charles were grumpy buns, Charles at one point breaking in to tears because I put syrup on his waffle. Alice was just grumpy about everything. Now we’re just hanging out, recuperating.

The other big event of the weekend was that Mom set Corwin on his path to doing yardwork. She sent him out to cut the grass with the lawnmower for the first time. He managed to do one section of the yard without chopping off any toes, which seems like a good start.

I am also teaching Corwin how to play HomeWorld, which is a strategy game. Playing requires not only strategic and tactical planning, but the ability to keep track of multiple activities simultaneously. The set of rules is also reasonably large, so it will be a bit more cerebral than the games he has been playing. It’s a sacrifice to spend the time to help him with the game, but hey — it’s For The Children™.

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I let Keith take his first crack at lawn mowing this year. He really wanted to do it, and when I told him I’d double his weekly allowance if he consistently helped with the yard, he was hot to trot. After four passes across the yard, he announced his retirement from the lawn care profession. My persistent bribery since then to lure him back behind the mower has had no effect on him.

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Corwin finished the section you see him working on, but that was his limit. We figure we’ll build him up gradually. One of Mom’s secrets is not to ask “do you want to perform task X?”, but “do you want to perform task X or [other really unpleasant, nasty task]?”. If you have a dog, a cat, and a non-potty trained child, you can always find something much worse than cutting grass.

Posted by: Dad on 27 June 2006 at 11:16

Tell Corwin that his Grandma and two aunts earned a lot of $ mowing lawns - ours, our Grandmother’s and the lake. 50 years ago, I bet we made $2 a week!!!

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Hi, My name’s Hafniyaas and i live in Sri Lanka. You see i played Homeworld, that is Homeworld 1, a long time back. I didn’t quit finish it, i had to uninstall it from my machine, when i tryed to instal it again, it seems that my setup file or a cab file is not working. Is it possible for you to send both of them if you have to my e mail.

Posted by: Hafniyaas on 15 July 2006 at 03:46

No, that would be in violation of the license agreement. You can still get a copy at various places, like here, for not much money. You also might try cleaning your CD, as the files should still work.

Posted by: Dad on 18 July 2006 at 14:02
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