Sunday 11 June 2006

Cooking with wood

We all went over to Mara’s house for a cookout the other night. Early in the evening, I had to push Alice and Charles on swings in front. They were just narrow boards with ropes making them a bit tricky to stay on. Alice managed it, clutching tightly with her hands. I commented to her “you are a strong baby!” and she started chanting “I am a strong baby” over and over as she swang. Perhaps Mom should cut down on the number of self and garden improvement shows she watches with Alice.

Later there was a badminton game where the kids forced me to keep score and referee. It was Corwin, Jack, and Andreas vs. Mara and some of her crew. Initially the boys jumped out to a big lead, but after some back and forth stalled out on the game point until the Mara team pulled it out. The boys got very stressed out over their lack of crushing victory, and Andreas’ taunts of “in your face!” came back to haunt him at the end. I was tempted to throw the game in the boys’ favor, just to avoid the tearful finale, but I decided to play it straight and let the chips falls as they would in to a life lesson. After all, they may seem permanently scarred but I suspect they have forgotten it already. I certainly learned a lesson and skipped out on all future refereeing for the evening.

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