Tuesday 20 June 2006

Checking up on the staff

I received a flag catalog in the mail yesterday. Mom decided that I had enough stuff from them already, so the catalog turned out to be for Charles instead. He quite liked it and started telling Mom and I all of the flags that he wanted, which would generally be of the form “all of these [on this page] except that one”. His favorites, though, were two commercially oriented flags labeled “FINANCING” and ” QUALITY USED CARS”. Charles can’t read but he can pick out Charles’ themed flags.

As usual, my sarcasm generated some blowback for me. At one point while Charles was explaining his flag choices to Mom, Corwin asked “is Charles going to get some flags?” and I responded “I will be heading back to order the on the Internet as soon as I finish dinner”. Charles took this straight up and as soon as I was back in front of the computer, he came in and asked “are you ordering my flags now?”.

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