Monday 26 June 2006

Anything to keep the readership up

Mimi’s computer failed permanently earlier this year. Eventually it came down to me to get that situation resolved because I am the one who lives far enough away to have a proper perspective, and also because I can’t afford to have any readers of this weblog offline. I could have tried to have it fixed, but it was cranky before it failed and was at least 4 or 5 years old, so I just ordered a new one. As it turns out, Uncle Evil snagged the new computer and gave Mimi his old one (which is still better than her previous one). Haha, he ended almost sorry about it because of the hassle of cleaning off the crudware a new computer comes with these days. I haven’t heard from Mimi about how she likes the computer. I thought it would be worth at least one phone call (*sniff*).

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