Friday 02 June 2006

And then there was one …

Today was Charles’ last day at his day care. He will be home for the summer with Erica and in the fall he will start attending kindergarten at Corwin’s school. I went along to pick him up. He didn’t seem much concerned about the transition. I couldn’t even get him to let me take one last picture with a teacher there. He was far more interested in a photo montage Alice’s teachers gave us to remember her time in their room (Alice will be home over the summer as well, and will go to a different class when she returns). I was a little bit worried about the change in schedule because of how Charles normally deals with change, but perhaps he is getting better at handling it.

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Don’t count on Charles handling the change well. We had one like that - Dana. She’s 27 and still doesn’t like change!!!

Posted by: Auntie deb on 02 June 2006 at 23:34

You did manage to get her out of the house, right? Or has she resisted that change as well?

Posted by: Dad on 03 June 2006 at 08:45
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