Saturday 24 June 2006

Already honing his technique

In an example of the spontaneous order that characterizes the lives of adults, on the first day of soccer camp last week the parents fo the gang met and divided up the rest of the week so that each parent would convey the gang one day and have the others days off.

On my day, I gathered up the kids and headed off. On the way, I impressed the other kids with the cool techno-gadgetry of the van. There was only one altercation en route, which let me show off the first aid kit as well (I was just trying to get the others to think Corwin had a cool dad, so that he would be more popular — just one of my many sacrifices For The Children™).

I also decided to check and see if Corwin were fully prepared. Among other things, I asked if he had sunscreen on, since they would be outside on a cloudless day for 3-4 hours starting at solar noon. Corwin denied it and he had to borrow some from Anwen. It turned out, however, that Erica had of course slathered him up before departure (lesson: never doubt Erica). Erica and I then teased Corwin that he had deliberately “forgotten” so that he could borrow Anwen’s sunscreen, as he ended up having to borrow it three times, as he “forgot” to apply it somewhere the first two times he borrowed it.

In the interests of fairness (although I don’t normally worry about that), I will say that Corwin denies everything, that he sincerely forgot and had to borrow the sunscreen. That’s excellent, because once you can fake sincerity, you’re all set.

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