Sunday 04 June 2006

Alice Home Companion

Alice works on the accident victim look
but gets the color wrong

I had to move Mom’s hand weights to the stairs because Alice discovered them under the TV stand and was swinging them about. On the other hand, Alice easily lifted 10 pounds objects. On the third hand, she was very cavalier about dropping them on the wood floors.

Alice had a bath with Charles a week or so ago. I washed them both and then Alice tortured Charles by trying to wash him with a wash cloth. Charles seemed to like that even less than Alice hitting him with blunt objects.

Charles and Alice are addicted to the on-line Dora games. A couple of weeks ago Mom was in the media room, “sit couch” ing with her laptop to make Alice happy. Alice started demanding “Dora puppy!”. Mom couldn’t figure out what episode that was. Of course, it was this online game, which Alice wanted to play because she saw Mom’s laptop. If only Mom were a little more involved with her children, she would have known that.

And speaking of getting colors wrong, Alice is still confusing “purple” and “yellow”. It’s a very odd pair of colors to mix up.

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