Tuesday 16 May 2006

Stream of Trivia

Corwin can now push himself on the swing, although he prefers to use his feet. This limits how high he can go but he seems OK with that. I am not sure how long ago Corwin acquired this skill, but it’s definitely since last summer.

Charles can open the gate on the stairs. He is very proud of this.

Corwin got new shoes because the old ones wore out. He’s back to laced shoes, we’ll see how that holds up.

I bought Charles some office supplies: glue, mini-stapler, small scissors, etc. Charles thought these were wonderful and spent an entire evening playing with them. I bought him glue specifically because he had complained that he couldn’t use glue at home, even though he could use it at “school” (daycare). I offered glue sticks but he said “that’s not real glue”.

Alice now has the habit of picking her nose and then complaining to a parent “boog!” which we then have to clean off.

I can do more situps than Corwin. Hahahaha!

We put a gate on the storeroom as well, where the kitty litter is. This keeps both Poly and Alice out while letting POset in (the bottom of the gate is high enough for her but not the others).

Remember, it’s Corwin’s birthday on Monday, so get those presents in the mail!

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