Friday 26 May 2006

Something kitty this way comes

Summer is rapidly approaching and so is Erica Season. I was thinking about that and her over the weekend because of a wounded Charles.

The boys now apply bandaids to themselves whenever they get the slightest injury. No mommy kisses or soothing, what relieves the hurt is a bandaid. This weekend Charles had at least three of them on various locations, including his collarbone, bicep, and finger (he might have had one on a toe as well). it’s bad enough that the only way I know if Charles has been injured recently is by keeping a tally on his bandaids. Even worse is that all of them were “Hello Kitty” bandaids.

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We also have Hello Kitty bandaids which sometimes Bix applies (they are latex-free!) Usually, though, it is Ninja Turtles or Hot Wheels lately… Yesterday, however, he wanted the Hello Kitty coloring book at the store (which I was happy to buy, as I can colour, too)…

Posted by: Karyla (Bix's Mom) on 26 May 2006 at 08:30

Erica claims that it was Mom who introduced Charles to Hello Kitty. Corwin, of course, treats any Hello Kitty branded item with more care and avoidance that literally hazardous material. Alice is a fan as well.

As for bandaids, the boyen use them purely for pain relief sometimes. We used to get requests like

Boy: I need a bandaid - I hurt my finger!

Parent: You’re not bleeding, you don’t need a bandaid.

Boy: But it hurts!

Posted by: Dad on 26 May 2006 at 10:45
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