Friday 05 May 2006

Score box

Corwin’s baseball team got crushed, but the kids weren’t too upset because they had a very good rally in the last inning. The key sign that it was a real rally was that the other team, despite a large lead in the last inning, first had to have a conference to adjust their strategy and then switched pitchers to close the game. One of Corwin’s friends’ team had played this team the other night and didn’t manage to get a hit. So as I take comfort from the fact that Corwin isn’t the worst fielder on his team, at least his team isn’t the worst in the league.

Corwin did reasonably well on a personal level. He was up three times, got hit on the elbow for a base, got a solid hit and struck out. His hit was the first hit for the team in the game and sparked the rally. Unfortunately, he dropped a fly ball that he caught, otherwise it would have been an oustanding game for him. On the other hand, he did pop off a foul ball that got stuck at the top of the fence, which greatly impressed his teammates. Corwin played catcher for one inning and demonstrated more hustle than usual. I think he might make a good catcher, except he’s a bit too helpful and helps clear out the bats while the play is still going on.

The other pitcher was a bit wild - he hit Corwin once, another kid once, and poor Jack twice. He came over to apologize to Jack after the second hit.

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