Friday 12 May 2006

Poly want a biscuit

We are having a lot of problems with Poly and grabbing food off the table. Last night Mom brought home some of the bakery shop rolls the kids like. At one point during the evening, Charles asked if he could have one. I got one for him and sent him over to the table to eat it while I tracked Alice. Within a minute or two Charles was in tears because Poly had taken the roll away from him and was proudly carrying it over to her treasure lair by the front door. I extracted the roll but decided it looked a bit too mushy to give back to Charles. I got another roll for Charles and told him to keep it away from Poly. Of course, a couple of minutes later Charles is in tears again and I have to extract another soggy dinner roll from Poly’s maw. Not seeing a learning pattern, I declined to get another roll for Charles, but I think that he ate enough in the brief periods before the rolls got Poly-merized.

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A new challenge for you Alan - get a picture of Polly stealing food!

Posted by: Deb on 13 May 2006 at 08:46

I’m not sure my camera is that fast. Not to mention that I never see Poly steal food — I think she’s smart enough to not do that if she knows I am watching.

Posted by: Dad on 13 May 2006 at 09:01
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