Thursday 04 May 2006

Playing smart

Corwin had his play today. The play was a variant of the Wizard of Ozz and Corwin played one of the “Flying Defenders”, which is what they changed the Flying Monkeys to.

There was one show for the school during the school day and another this evening for the parents. Charles and Alice lasted most of the play before starting to complain, but Grandma (who came down for the event) was well behaved all the way to the end.

I took my camera (of course). On the way home, Corwin asked me if I had taken any pictures of him. I told him no, I had taken the camera along just to get pictures of Mara and Maggie.

Corwin was dubious but not outright incredulous. He continued to pester me the rest of the evening about whether I had taken pictures of him (going to far as to ask Mom if she had noticed me taking pictures while he was on stage).

Eventually I printed this picture and Corwin was left with the awful realization that I had (as he explained it) “taken advantage while he was unable to do anything about it”. I agreed, pointing out what an excellent strategy it is and expressing my hope that he had learned something from the experience.

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