Saturday 20 May 2006

Intense boy experience

The tag game reaches a high intensity moment

Corwin is having his birthday party today. We collected his partners in crime around 4 pm and headed out to the bowling alley. The boys bowled for a while, having a pizza and a couple of orders of cheese fries. This meant that we had to stop for supper on the way home. This filled the boys up enough that they wanted to open presents instead of having cake and ice cream right when we go home.

One of Corwin’s presents was a metal detector, which all the boys thought was really cool. It turns out that it detects dollar coins, so I hid a couple of those in the yard. The boys weren’t very successful at finding them unless they had a fairly small area to search. But they all thought it was great fun.

After cake and ice cream (you knew that was only delayed, not avoided), they played some four square until it got dark, at which point I brought out the glow stuff. The boys enjoyed that. I tried out the somewhat big glow sticks. Wow, those things are bright. I let Corwin have one of the 15 inch glow sticks because he is the birthday boy, but the 12 inch ones the other boys had were noticeably brighter. They had a lot of fun playing night tag. Even Charles enjoyed it.

Now they’re watching movies. I wonder if they’ll get to sleep before midnight.

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