Saturday 06 May 2006

Conversational branching

[Alice and Dad are in the yard]

Alice: Too big!

Dad: Too big?

Alice: Yes.

Dad: Alice is too big?

Alice: Yes.

Dad: OK … too big for what?

Alice: Tree.

Dad: Alice is too big for the trees?

Alice: Yes.

[Alice points at various trees, waiting until Dad says “tree!” to point at the next one]

Dad: Alice! Look out! Right behind you! It’s a tree!

[Alice looks — it is a tree. She looks all the way up the tree]

Alice: Big tree!

Dad: Yes, it’s a big tree. Did it sneak up behind you?

Alice: Yes.

[Alice starts to point at trees again — Dad tries to distract her]

Dad: There are lots of trees.

Alice: Yes.

Dad: Does Mommy like trees?

Alice: Yes. [pause] Mommy picked Corwin

Dad: Mommy picked Corwin from a tree?

Alice: [disdainfully] Noooooo.

[Alice wanders off]

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