Wednesday 10 May 2006

Chick magnet

We had to split up last night, with Mom going to the daycare picnic with Charles and Alice while Corwin and I went to a Cub Scout cook out.

Without his older brother for competition, Charles really hit it off with the girls. He was on the swing and several of the girls from his class eagerly took turns pushing him. When Mom dropped off Charles this morning, one of the teachers commented that several of the girls had been asking about Charles and when he would arrive.

Charles is also popular with the 12 year old girl set. Mara’s sister Amalia, Anwen, and of course Kirsten all like to hang out with Charles when they are at soccer games or practice. There are also Chloe and Jessie who are very fond of Charles, giving Charles quite the harem.

Charles is mostly oblivious, although he does seem to enjoy playing with the older sister gang. His daycare girlfriends seem to be more of the service relationship, where Charles performs tasks for them (such as giving them rides on the double tricycle or hooking up water and power lines for their play set ups). Maybe this will still work in the fall and help ease Charles’ transition to kindergarten.

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Good for Charles. He’s becoming more social.

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