Saturday 29 April 2006

Weekly Soccer Report

It was a cool, drizzly day, just the kind the soccer coach likes. Perhaps because of that, Corwin and his team had a good game day today, winning 8-1. The most important things is that Allison was there today and finally had a victory.

Corwin’s team scored a couple of quick goals, just like the last game they won. The other team came back with a goal shortly after that. After that the game settled in to a state where Corwin’s team woud score a goal every now and then until the end.

The team seemed much more in the zone today, although another parent thought that was primarily because they had jumped out to an early lead. Mara scored twice as well, Andrea, Josh, Keith all scored goals. Poor Jack didn’t score at all, but did make several good runs.

Corwin had a good game, with an excellent run on his second score (as you can see on this very post). Corwin did well on defense as well, although he needs to work on staying on his side of the field and supporting the goalie more.

The other side played hard, but this time it seemed that Corwin’s team had the upper hand in direct combat, winning a lot more of the tackles. The other team’s goalie was Ryan, who was on Corwin’s team last year. I felt bad for him, as he had a number of good saves. Right at the end, he had a good save against Corwin, but it stung his hands so bad that he stopped for a moment, at which point Josh roared in and blasted the ball in to the goal from about 3 feet out. You can see in the picture here, of Corwin’s goal, that Ryan was suffering from the same thing Corwin’s team had problems with last time, lack of goalie support. If the kids get a clean shot like this, it’s very hard on the goalie.

The other team did play until the end, which I made sure to point out to Corwin. I suppose it’s harder if your team is used to winning but it’s still a good lesson to learn. My view is that if you’re going to play sports, you commit to playing the game, win or lose.

Season Summary

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