Thursday 27 April 2006

Speed training

Corwin has a baseball game tonight, so Mom sent us out to do some warm up throwing. Corwin seems to be playing outfield so I thought I would work on his long throws. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to throw relatively hard back to him. Corwin completely missed one throw which smacked him hard right in the breast bone, although he managed to get back in the house under his own power. He commented that concern over such incidents was why he wanted me to throw gently. My counter-argument was that there wasn’t going to be any gentle throwing in an actual game and he should get used to high speed balls. I am torn between “train as you play” and going easy to get more successful practice. I suspect Corwin’s solution will be to avoid practicing with Dad.

P.S. Corwin recovered well enough to play. He walked twice and got a hit in three times at bat. His team won, although no one was clear on the exact score.

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It’s not so much the speed of the ball as it is learning to get your glove in proper position to catch the ball. One drill you can try is to have him lay down flat on the ground with the glove on. Hold a ball over top of him, drop it somewhere on the glove-side of his body and have him catch it. This way you can work on proper glove positioning and avoid the fear factor. Also try dropping the ball on the throwing-hand side to work on using the glove across their midline. When you think he’s ready, drop it in front of his chest or head. When I was a kid, I used to practice this drill myself by laying on my bed with my glove and a tennis ball (minimizes house damage).

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