Monday 10 April 2006

Quick takes

At soccer practice tonight, Charles was sitting in a folding chair and Alice was trying to tip him over. The whole time, Charles was yelling in mock terror “I can’t swim!”.

It’s not always easy being right. Corwin was on the swing zipping around when Alice wandered near by. I called out “Alice, get away, you’re going to get knocked over”. Not two seconds later Alice walked in precisely the correct spot to get completely plowed by Corwin. She was screaming and crying for nearly ten seconds before she was off getting in the way again.

Now I’m just sitting out on the bench, watching Charles, Alice and Poly dig in the front disaster area. Gosh, they all like dirt a lot. Charles, at least, doesn’t eat it.

Alice is amusing, though. She wolfed down some soil and then I castigated her. She just looked smug, dirt smeared all over her face. As soon as I cleaned up her face, she complained that her hands were dirty. Dirt on face, dirt in mouth — OK. Dirt on hand — bad.

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