Saturday 15 April 2006

Pond season

It’s pond season again, as the days warm up. The kids went off to play in the pond for the first time this year last week. We went again today because Mom was bored and Corwin was off at an actual swimming pool.

Mom and I walked, Alice rode in the stroller and Charles road his bike. As we traveled, Mom commented that we were going to take a walk around the pond before we hit the beach. We then got stopped by a neighbor, while Charles raced on ahead. Mom assured me that he would wait on the sidewak at the start of the trail to the pond for us, but when we got there we found only his bike. I hiked on looking for him and became a bit concerned when I didn’t see him anywhere on the trail or the beach. I pondered where he could have gone when I spotted a ittle boy walking the trail around the pond. Charles had not only heard Mom but followed her instructions. He had then got stuck looking at the fish in the water, who are busy making more fish.

Charles played in the sand for a bit, but Alice charged right in to the water. A ittle while after that Charles decided to play in the water as well and had stripped down to his underwear. Meanwhile, Alice’s diaper had become progressively more loaded until it fell off and we had a naked Alice cavorting in the water. Alice was not the least bit concerned by this, but Mom thought that since a couple of other families with children were present, perhaps it wasn’t the most polite thing. Mom tried to put pants sans diaper on Alice, but she did not like that at all once it got wet. So Mom had to trundle back to the house to put some pullups on Alice. By the time she got back, Charles had gotten cold and I had to take him back. But overall, I think the kids enjoyed it.

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