Sunday 23 April 2006

Out of sight, out of existence

I was giving Alice a bath last night. I washed her body, her hair, and then left her in the tub because she likes to play for a while after the cleaning is done.I perched in my observation chair, cruising the Internet while keeping an eye on Alice.

After a few minutes, Alice started to panic, calling out “my hair!” in the tone of voice she uses to demand the return of the object in question. I couldn’t quite figure out what she wanted me to do, but after a few repititions and Alice starting to tear up, I realized that with her hair wet and slicked back she couldn’t see it and therefore thought it had been lost. I tried to tell her it was still there but she didn’t accept my caims. I saved the day by pulling some strands forward, showing them to her and thereby convincing her that she was not, in fact, bald.

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