Monday 24 April 2006

Opening day

Corwin had his first baseball game of the season this evening. At least his team scored some runs, which is good. Corwin tried his hand at catcher, which is difficult position with a first time pitcher. We took Jack with us and we had a bit of conversation that went like this:

Jack: I don’t like that town [where the opposing team is from].

Dad: Why not?

Jack: They have good sports teams.

Dad: Oh, so you must love Chicago.

Jack: Yeah! [pause] No! [pause] Wait!

I had an OK time, but the light really goes fast in the evenings so I had to pack in the camera by the end of the first inning. But the days should get longer as the season wears on.

Alice and Poly had fun, trying to eat dirt together. Alice did admit that she liked eating popcorn more than eating dirt. That didn’t mean she didn’t go back to dirt once the popcorn ran out.

Season Summary

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