Monday 17 April 2006

Film death

We used to have an I-Zone camera, which is a little instant camera It had fallen in to disuse, but Charles discovered some old film for them. Unfortunately, the film was over a year past its expire date and didn’t work. I tried to get some more but either our local stores just don’t carry it anymore or it’s been completely discontinued (given how broken the website is, I suspect a global dicontinuity).

My theory is that with the rise of capable and inexpensive digital cameras, along with cell phones that are both cameras and display devices, there is no longer a market. The demgraphic target was always tweens through college students and any of those that could afford the film could afford a cell phone or digital camera.

Luckily Dad had an older camera (a gift from Mom) with which he was able to placate the disconsolate Charles. Interestingy, Charles doesn’t seem to miss the prints.

P.S. I think this picture was actually taken by Andreas during the camera chase.

P. P.S. You can see Charles’ scar if you look close.

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