Friday 07 April 2006

Expectation modifcation

Yesterday was not the best day.

  • Poly woke me up at 4:30 to go out and I ended up sitting with her for an hour or two because she was so lonely.
  • This made me so tired that I slept through the alarm. Everyone else was apparently tired as well because no one else woke up either. I roused myself groggily at 7:43. Oops!
  • Corwin got himself ready in record time for him and I managed to get him to school before he was late.
  • However, Corwin let Poly out while I was doing my morning toilet and she peed on the floor. And pooped in the sun room. Twice.
  • I also discovered a spot of pee right in front of the bathroom in our bedroom, apparently from the night before.
  • I discovered that Poly likes to go upstairs to pee. She got away from me upstairs for less than a minute, but it was long enough.
  • It rained basically all day, making it difficult to get Poly outside and I couldn’t sit outside with her, as the laptop reacts badly to rain.
  • Poly wouldn’t stay in my office, managing to get out even if I put a door stop under the door. Given the other messes I didn’t dare leave her unmonitored.
  • After Corwin got home, I left him with Poly to pick up Charles and Alice. Poly peed on the couch while I was gone.
  • Charles and Alice came home in major whiny moods, crying over every little thing and sometimes for (as far as I could tell) no reason at all.

Things were a little better after Jack and Anwen came over. I had to sit with Poly because they all wanted to play in the basement and while sitting with Poly wasn’t optimal, it beat cleaning up after her in the basement, or hoping she didn’t choke after chewing on some small item left on the floor.

However, this morning has gone a bit better. Poly got up at 4:30 again, but I was able to put her back and get some more sleep. We all woke up at 7:00 (even Charles and Alice, like they couldn’t have done that yesterday). Poly didn’t make any messes in the house after we got up and stayed with me in my office in the morning. Alice and Charles were cooperative. Alice even let me put tights on her (because she wanted to wear her dress) with only a token whiny “noooo!”. Charles and Alice let me put on light jackets instead of their winter jackets without complaint. And Mom is due back tonight.

So it all seems kind of funny now, although I wasn’t in the best mood when Mom checked in at night. Sorry about that!

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Yesterday sounds like a day that you don’t want to repeat. Glad today was better so far.

Posted by: Grandma on 07 April 2006 at 12:11
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