Saturday 08 April 2006

Another advantage of hardwood floors

I am not sure we are making any progress on house training. We do seem to have trained Poly to not be seen excreting inside the house. Rather than asking to go outside, when Poly needs to go she will try to sneak off unobserved and use a handy floor in the house. She has also taking to darting upstairs and peeing on the carpet up there as well. It’s particularly annoying to spend 10-15 minutes with her outside only to have her make a mess within a minute or two of coming back in.

As noted, negative reenforcement has only taught Poly to hide her messes while inside, while positive reenforcement doesn’t seem to have any effect. At least Poly knows that there is a difference between inside and outside (i.e., that she doesn’t have to worry about being seen making a mess outside) but that’s not all that helpful.

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