Monday 03 April 2006

A twisted path

Mom took Poly and me out for a walk today around the pond. While Poly likes her new retractable leash better than the original nylon cord one, she is still not quite adapted to it. Mom had to frequently

  • lift up the leash to prevent Poly from entangling herself
  • pull Poly’s legs over the leash when that failed
  • switch the leash from hand to hand to prevent tripping over it herself
  • manuever the leash around obstacles

The best one was when Poly popped off the trail into the woods and get her leash wrapped around a tree. It was too far for Mom to just hand the leash around so she went in to circle the tree herself and detangle. Poly of course followed around behind Mom re-tangling the leash as fast as Mom could untangle it. Sadly, Mom made me hold Poly still otherwise I could have been entertained for quite a long time.

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