Sunday 05 March 2006

We can't we just write a simulation?

It’s Pine Wood Derby time again. This year we waited until less than a week before the race to start on the car. Part of it was the standard procrastination but the combination of Corwin’s illness, his big school project and Mom’s vacation has also put us behind schedule.

However, I decided that despite the crush of schoo work, we would get started on Corwin’s car anyway (I had originally planned to build my own “Hello Death Kitty” car to encourage him, but that went the way of all good intentions). We had a good start, getting the body shaped and sanded in less than a couple hours. We should have it primed by the end of the day, ready for painting during the week. Hopefully we can get the wheels in by Thursday or so, because that’s by far the most important part for getting a fast running car.

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