Friday 10 March 2006

Searching for Puppies

Alice very much likes dogs, and Corwin has also mentioned that a dog might be nice. And I have started to get puppy lust myself. Dad is less desirous of a dog though.

Last weekend, I took the kids to the Humane Society to visit some dogs. I took them all back to the kennel area where all the dogs immediately started barking. This scared Charles, but Corwin and Alice didn’t seem to mind much. We took a 3 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix to a visiting room. He was very cute and puppy-like. The kids seemed to like him. I was a bit concerned about the energy level of an adult Australian Cattle Dog. We knew someone who had an Australian Shepherd, and it was a real working dog. From later reading, the cattle dog seems to have similar energy levels. But it also sounds like it has some nice attributes too, and perhaps a combination of running partner and kid exercise would keep the energy under control.

After visiting with the puppy, I asked the staff person if there were any older dogs they would suggest for a family with small kids. They suggested Lace, a brindled pitbull mix. So we took her for a walk. Her shoulder was a bit higher than my knee and she was solid muscle. Using all my strength, I was able to control her as we walked her outside. Then we took her to the fenced run area, where she delighted in running around and chasing sticks. Unfortunately, Alice happened to be in her running path and got bowled over a couple of times. This upset Alice. Corwin bugged me to take Lace on the leash. Since most of the other dogs had gone back in side, I let him try leading her around the fenced area. That worked ok. Then he lead her back into the building, which was fine until another couple came out with a dog. Then Lace dragged Corwin over to the other dog, so I had to run over and hold her back. So while Lace was a very pretty dog, I fear that she was much too powerful for our small children.

Next on the dog hunt, visiting Labordoodles this Saturday.

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Dad is not a big pet person because he has a borderline psychopathic personality (ask any of my “friends”). Dad is also a major league slob and it’s all he can do to do what little cleaning he does. And finally, his drool-phobia makes interactions with dogs somewhat problematic. Not that there’s anything wrong with dog people!

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