Saturday 11 March 2006

Greasing the wheels

Today was the Pine Wood Derby. Corwin and I managed to get the car finished in time. Doesn’t it look cool?

Corwin did the design and most of the painting. He was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get anything for show, but Mom and I think that you need to have a “theme” in order to compete there. Corwin said “but my car was blue and gold [the Cub Scout colors]!”. Sadly, that kind of solidarity isn’t often rewarded in the artistic arena. You can see the cars for yourself if you would like to form your own opinion. The actual decision was made by the vote of the scouts themselves.

In terms of racing, the car did OK. Corwin tied for 4th, which isn’t bad. Mom thinks that the problem was that the wheels weren’t close enough, so the car wobbled too much. She might be right, Corwin will try that next year. I think he should also try flipping the wheel base around and putting much more of the weight in the back.

The pack did a round robin, two races for each pair of cars (to alternate tracks) so it was a lot of races. The kids were getting run through so quickly that there was some grumbling about having to race again so soon. That was considered a good sign by the aduts.

The Track of Destiny

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