Thursday 02 March 2006

Evening fun

Charles is taking a bath. Alice wanders over to “help”. She manages to get her sleeve wet and comes running back to me, complaing of a wet sleeve. She is wearing overalls, so I explain that I have to take off the overalls before I can get the shirt off. Alice says “OK and lets me take off the overalls, at which point she considers the task done and runs back to the bathtub, wet sleeve still on.

When Alice wasn’t messing with Charles’ bath water, she was reading a book about trucks (If I could drive a car hauler) and saying for every page “Alice truck!”. Not really. She said “ah - wiss - twuck”. For every page. For many readings of the book.

I managed to really irritate Charles on the way home. I was teasing him about various things and at one point told him “You are full of Charles-y goodness!”. Oh, he did not like that. So, just to be clear, whatever Charles is full of, it is not Charles-y goodness.

Alice has tired of the bathtub (after managing to shed her shirt) and is now trying to pull off her diaper in order to put on some of Charles’ underwear which is laying on the floor in his room.

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