Monday 13 March 2006

Drawn and worded

I continue to be fascinated by Charles’ drawing efforts. Here is what he drew in roughly four days:

A few of these are sparse but most are highly detailed. I like the second one from the bottom — Charles wanted to draw a big truck and one sheet of paper wasn’t enough. So he taped three of them together and then drew his truck. One of his other themes is waste disposal. On the right, in orange, you can see one of his efforts in this regard. It’s got trucks (or some other sort of machine) hauling in the garbage, waste processing facilities and then final disposal. Charles even draws in the garbage once everything else is in place.

Another motif I have noticed in his drawings is the word “lox”. During some of Charles’ word experiments he managed to write that word all on his own. He has since incorporated the word in to many of his drawings. Here is a classic one:

I have highlighted the occurences of the word. Also note the detail of the work, which is typical of a Charles drawing. Now think about how much drawing it would take to do this as many times as you see in the first picture.

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