Sunday 12 March 2006

Dog days

Mom is still big on dogs. Yesterday and today she took us all out to look at more puppies. Corwin had a good time, although Alice and Charles were not as enthused. Saturday Alice was just miserable because she was still recovering from being sick. Alice did say she liked the puppies, though.

Today we went to the Humane Society to look at some of their puppies. We saw two puppies. The first was a herding dog and was nipping at the children a bit much for them, although I think they’d get used to it. The kids liked the other puppy better, but Alice suffered a complete melt down at that point because of some problem with the chairs in the room (what, we never figured out). Alice got so apopleptic on the way home that I was worried she was going to choke or pass out.

After we got home, Mom tried to talk seriously to Corwin about having a dog. Hahaha. At least she didn’t make him cry.

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