Sunday 05 February 2006

Sunday outing, dang it!

After church today, Mom wanted to go out for pancakes. We had a screaming Alice (livid because I had forced clothes on her), Charles was crying, and Corwin was being an uncooperative grump. Nevertheless, as anyone who has met Mom would presume, her will prevailed.

Charles was crying before we left because Alice had drawn on one of his drawings. I found it interesting that Charles knows his work so well that he could tell it had been Aliced. I doubt that I could tell.

While we were waiting for a table at the pancake place, Alice and Charles were looking at one of the “I Spy” type books. I tried to ask Charles to find things but Alice was as quick as he was, even with letters. She could spot ‘W’, ‘S’ and ‘P’. Mom tried to see this for herself later, but Alice refused at that point to cooperate. On the other hand, Alice actually consumed food, which is a bit unusual for her. That alone makes the outing a success.

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