Saturday 18 February 2006

Making movies, on location

Corwin had half of Thursday and all of Friday off from school. His friend Andreas was over to visit, which was a bit difficult because I didn’t want them to just play on the computer the entire afternoon. I thought I would show them that there are fun things off the computer so I decided to show them how to do simply magic on video tape. I remember doiong that myself when I was young, using our dad’s 8mm film camera. We were allowed to do only a little of it because of the cost of the film and developing.

Interestingly, this technique was totally unknown to the boys. They were actually impressed with how easily it worked. We did some disappearances, after which the boys decided to do some transformations as well. I need to see Corwin is willing to learn how to edit as well, so he can start making his own little mini-movies.

Here is the video. It’s a bit big so don’t be surprised at a long download.

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