Monday 27 February 2006

He'd better be a good actor, he'd never make it as a waiter

Last Saturday I took the crew out to see Doogal, along with Corwin’s friends Keith and Jack, so that Mom could have some personal time. It was an OK movie, not one we’ll be rushing out to see again but fine while we were watching.

After the movie, I took everyone back to the house (Mom having fled for more pleasant climes). Keith left after an hour or so, leaving Jack and Corwin bored. So I got out the video camera to let them go some magic video like Corwin did with Andreas. Both of them thought it was cool.

What was interesting to me is that Corwin was good at it from the first take, where as Andreas and Jack both had difficulty with it (although Jack did get noticeably better after 10 or 15 minutes of filming). Their problem was basically not holding still at the right time (Andreas was just jumpy whereas Jack was too helpful and tried to help move the objects around). I still think it would be a good hobby for Corwin, if only I could get him to work on the editing. Sadly, he’s so far behind on his homework due to his illness that I won’t have time to work on it with him for several weeks.

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