Sunday 26 February 2006

And in other news in the growing up department

Alice wore underwear for the first time today. Mom realized that it was a bad idea (even though Alice used the potty twice today) but, as you can see if you look close, the underwear has a certain animated character on it. This made them irrestiable to Mom Alice.

Alice lasted about 45 minutes before having a containment failure. Mom wasn’t immediately available so Alice went over to the kitty litter room, at which point I noticed her (it’s within sight of my office and my hind brain keeps a watch on it). Alice hadn’t made too much of a mess but Corwin managed to decide to come in right then and of course stepped in it. I requested that he not step in it a second time, but he refused to commit on that point. Still, there’s the hope that Alice will be encouraged by the thought of wearing the underpants (which worked with Corwin but not Charles).

I am also working with Alice on color names. After an early start with purple, she has now decided that all colors are “green”. If I label a color for her, she will remember it for a few minutes, but unless I constantly re-enforce it, she will revert to “green”. She does not, however, ever refer to her shoes as “green”.

P.S. Check out the back thigh muscle on the leg. She is going to dominate the swim team.

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