Sunday 08 January 2006

Sometimes you just have to rant

While children’s television programming is in a golden age, with a variety of good shows on specialized channels available, there are still a few clunkers. Our current least favorite show is Oobi. This show is even worse than Barney. It’s basically hands with googly eyes glued on that talk to each other in broken English, even the putative adult hands. At least Barney used complete, grammatically correct sentences. And while the Teletubbies use baby talk, the narrator and other elements of show use proper language and in some ways I think that’s better, so that the children can identify with the Teletubbies while still being shown proper speaking. Oobi, on the other hand (ha ha!) has no examples of proper speech, along with all the sappiness of Barney. I think I’d rather watch Little Bill.

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