Monday 30 January 2006

She's got legs … she knows how to use them

This is a picture of Alice walking around in Charles’ shoes. She can put those on by herself because they are big enough for her to just step in to.

But the real point of this picture is to demonstrate the muscle definition in Alice’s legs. Notice the shadow from the quadriceps. That muscle really does stick out like that. And you can see the calf muscle isn’t lagging behind. Most of all, this is what her legs look like when she’s just walking around. When she gets … excited, they go to a whole ‘nother level.

I was reminded to get this picture up because Alice has acquired a strong dislike for being strapped in her seat in the van. Yesterday I had to put my hand on her stomach to hold her in while Mom strapped because Alice is so strong that Mom couldn’t strap and hold at the same time. If you keep her stomach back, however, she can’t get leverage for her legs and then she’s not hard to keep in place. If she gets her feet planted she can use her legs and then you’ve got a problem.

Alice and I also had a big fight this morning about changing from night clothes in to day clothes. It was a good workout. At least she didn’t try to rip the clothes off the moment I let go, so perhaps she’s mellowing with age.

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