Monday 30 January 2006

Project on a roller coaster

Corwin has undertaken to complete his large Christmas construction toy. He is making good progress, learning valuable lessons about paying very careful attention to the instructions. Corwin has had to rip out large chunks and rebuild them because he didn’t get something right earlier. I have already noticed that he now goes over the instructions much more carefully.

I haven’t helped him much at all on this. I gave him a lot of help with the first subunit he built to get him started, but since then I have only helped him by trying to keep Alice and Charles from interacting with the project.

Corwin was very impressed that the project is now taller than he is. Luckily it isn’t taller than Dad, even though Corwin had his hopes up for that for a while.

UPDATE: I jinxed Corwin. Right after I wrote this, I had to go and help him do yet another reconstruction where he had made an initial mistake that was compounded by subsequent building. I think we got it fixed, though, and construction is once again proceeding.

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