Saturday 07 January 2006

Pathos of retail, the sequel

Charles is still struggling with making it in the retail industry. The other day he set up a “kitchen” (presumably he meant “restaurant”). I wandered out from my office to check it out, but I was too slow.

Dad: Can I get something at the kitchen?

Charles: Kitchen is closed. That what happen when nobody show up. Nobody came so the kitchen closed.

[a few minutes later]

Charles: Kitchen open!

Dad: Oh. Can I get lunch now?

Charles: Yes. It cost $100.

[Dad counts out 100 tokens and gives them to Charles]

Charles: OK. You get a hamburger and a drink.

Yow, that’s steep for a hamburger and a drink! Apparently Charles knows how to treat a captive customer. What gets to me, though, is how both sad and determined Charles sounds when he discusses the failures of his various retail establishments.

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