Wednesday 18 January 2006

Once I was the student … now I am the master

Charles has recently become much better at building Lego™ constructions. This is one of his vehicles, which started out as the very simple slab with wheels on either end. Charles then alternated between playing with it and enhancing it. This picture is from about half way through the enhancement process. The final vehicle was significantly more detailed than this.

The down side is that when the object gets dropped or Aliced, Charles becomes very distraught because he can’t put it back together in the exact same way. I can’t even take a picture to aid in reconstruction because Charles is constantly upgrading.

Sometimes Charles builds his constructs very long. These tend to end in tragedy sooner.

Most recently, however, Charles has been working more on space ship constructs, which then fly around to Charles’ version of the Star Wars theme. Charles also got a Lego™ speed boat which he managed to put together mostly by himself (with only a little bit of help and guidance from Dad, mainly reminders that he wasn’t done with the current page of building instructions).

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Mimi commented on the second picture

Looks like Charles is getting some work done

All I can say is that no actual work is showing…

Posted by: Dad on 21 January 2006 at 19:20
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