Sunday 29 January 2006

More is always better

For the first time that I’ve seen, Alice put on her own pants today. She even picked them out by herself. I had tried to get her dressed earlier, but she wanted none of that. The next thing I know, she’s pulled out a pair of pants and started to put them on. I tried to help because she had both of her legs in one pant leg but she managed to recover on her own and get it right, although I had to help her get them over her butt.

Alice didn’t stop there, however. Within a minute she had pulled out another pair of pants and had them mostly on. This was even more impressive since she had to pull the second pair over the first pair. She’s still wearing both even now, as having gotten her dressed I didn’t want a big fight about taking clothes back off.

Alice also picked out a shirt a bit later and wanted to put that on over her nightshirt, but I managed through strategic delay to get that shirt off before puttting on the new one.

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