Wednesday 25 January 2006

Laying down the smackie

Mom and I were pestering Corwin about doing some writing for this kidlog. One of the suggestions that came up was writing stories about his adventures as Darth Vader or Agent Z vs. Uncle Evil. Corwin said that wouldn’t work because “I would just write ‘Darth Vader won’ and that would be the end”. Apparently Uncle Evil wasn’t as impressive as he thought on his last visit.

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Hmm I think this would be a better start for him…

Darth Vader peaked out from behind the sofa, his heart racing and dread causing him to sweat and fidget. Uncle Evil was coming; he could feel it. People had whispered of something but no one had been specific. Even the ones he tortured feared something else more than anything he could do. Yes, he could feel it, the force was not disturbed but screaming with stresses like the mass of a galaxy ripped apart at the atomic level. The tension was jagged against his nerves but where could he hide? There was no place far enough, no place he wouldn’t be found. Suddenly the scream raging against his senses reached a new peak and the door opened. The commander of the station was obviously under Uncle Evil’s influence. Darth’s body was paralyzed. He had to run, to escape to get away. His hindbrain was at full throttle and it was not the fight response. Thought turned to action when Uncle Evil looked right at the couch, and Darth knew that he was lost and his legs jumped him forward, his face mask catching on the couch and making him flail even more. Uncle Evil didn’t twitch or move but the quirky smile said it all, “Run little one, I have time and enjoy a chase now and then”. Darth wasn’t sure if he was screaming out loud as he ran, hoping that Uncle Evils attention would find a focus on Charles or Alice and give him precious moments.

Much better I think…


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I showed it to Corwin. He chuckled a few times while he read it but refused to comment afterwards.

Posted by: Dad on 27 January 2006 at 14:49
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