Sunday 22 January 2006

Last Alice Word Watch

Alice’s vocabulary is now large enough that it’s not worth tracking anymore. It is also growing at a rapid rate. Almost everyday, Alice uses a word I didn’t know she knew. In any case, here’s the last list, which is probably incomplete even at 70 words.

Alice, Charles, Corwin, Daddy, Dora, Jack, Miffy, Mommy, OK, airplane, baby, backpack, ball, balloon, banana, basement, bath, bike, blocks, book, boot, bug, bunny, cake, car, cat, cheese, coat, crayon, cup, dog, done, down, drum, duck, ear, egg, eye, hand, hat, help, hi, hot dog, I, ice cream, keys, look, me, milk, mine, more, mouth, no, now, open, paint, pencil, pig, pillow, please, popcorn, purple, shirt, shoe, shovel, soap, sock, sticker, tail, (tele)phone, truck, up, yes

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