Sunday 29 January 2006

Home schooling

[Dad and Corwin are sitting on the couch. Corwin starts poking at Dad.]

Dad: Are we messing? Because if we are messing, Dad is going to do some messing too.

Dad: Corwin? Are we messing?

Dad: Well?

[Corwin pokes Dad]

Dad: OK, we’re messing [Dad grabs Corwin]

Corwin: [suddenly finding his voice] NOOOOOOO! NO MESSING! [Corwin loses his power to speak from being tickled too much]

Dad: [As he mercilessly tickles Corwin] Corwin? Is there some way you could have prevented this? Perhaps by promptly answering Dad when he asks a question?

Corwin: [gasping] Yes.

Dad: I’m glad we were able to learn a valuable lesson today.

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